Liquid state passion punch: Taste and Smell the Rainbow of Flavors of E-Liquid or E-Juice

In order to maximize your vaping or e-cigarette experience, you should consume them with special e-juices that come in different flavor variants. There are even special flavor sets or package deals you can avail of so that you can get a box of multiple flavors instead of having to pay expensive rates for one or two flavors at most. Half of the fun of vaping cheap ejuice comes from you discovering new flavors and whatnot. For instance, by acquiring the Lost Vape Therion DNA75 box mod, you’ll get a 0.2-ohm resistance vape stick, a Dual-Fused Clapton (26GA or 36GA Kanthal) and Limitless 24 RDA that should go well with your vape flavors of apple, Bavarian cream, chocolate, mint, coffee, cappuccino, pineapple, cookies and cream, mocha, guava, orange, green tea, premium menthol, lime, vanilla, lemonade, lemon, strawberry shortcake, and tobacco.


Vape Flavors and the Vaping Experience 101


  • If smoking marijuana is too illegal for you or smoking tobacco is too dangerous for your health, then you can vape. Become part of a vape nation and start vaping to your heart’s content. A vape or e-cigarette vaporizes vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol (mixed with a hint of nicotine for the sake of recreating the smoking experience) that’s mostly harmless to you and your lungs compared to full-on tobacco smoking and its multitude of carcinogens.

  • If you didn’t know, carcinogens are chemicals that can cause cancer. What’s more, nicotine might be needed for chain smokers who are making the switch between a real cigarette and an electronic cigarette. Don’t settle for cheap e-juice when it comes to your vaping experience, though. It might be made of low-grade chemicals and materials that could prove harmful to your health (and defeats the purpose of vaping in terms of healthiness).


  • Vaping relaxes people in ways that cigarettes can but it won’t kill them down the line. It’s calming and can serve as a substitute to cigarette smoking. You also won’t have to deal with deadly unfiltered secondhand smoke, ash, ash trays, cigarette butts, and getting halitosis from your excessive vaping if you choose liquid state passion punch (since most of the e-juice used for the activity are sweet-smelling and could double as perfume with their pleasant smell).